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Treating women's health with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, described by Pamela Miller, L.Ac.Acupuncture for Women's Health

Menopause Done Right

It is possible to go through “the change” without hot flashes, mood swings, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

According to Oriental Medicine, problems arising from menopause are completely avoidable. The hormone changes that take place should not have that great an impact.

In Chinese Medicine terms, with menopause, a reversal of energetic flow in the uterus sends surges of heat upward instead of downward, so the heart and the liver can become excessively warm. This creates dryness, irritability, anger, insomnia, and hot flashes. Some women suffer more because stress and fatigue has already created heat and dryness in the liver and an exhaustion of adrenal support. You could say, a cooler liver could absorb the rising heat and a cooler kidney would prevent it.

Hormones are produced and regulated by the kidney/adrenal glands and these organs support the heart. So the heart is very much affected by hormonal changes taking place during menopause because of the significant role of the kidney in producing hormones.

Ideally, when menstruation stops, a greater portion of kidney energy is directed upward to the heart, allowing for greater emotional expansion and spiritual development. Altruism, universal compassion, and depth of feeling all increase when the subtle energies of the heart are more available.

Unfortunately, because of the high level of stress and fast pace and demands of life, women in the U.S. present with increasing levels of exhaustion and depleted kidney and adrenal glands. They also present with higher levels of dryness and toxic heat in the liver long before menopause.

When menopause begins what should be soothing support from kidney secretions is now hot and dry, and it aggravates the already over-stressed liver. While the above-mentioned menopause symptoms can be effectively handled with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, we strongly recommend using acupuncture and herbal formulas long before menopause begins.

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