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Acupuncture for anxiety, depression and stress.Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

What People Say About Their Experience With Us. . . .

"I had a herniated disc in the L2, L3 low back area. I could hardly stand or walk due to intense pain and fear that my leg would collapse. Every move provoked intense pain. I sat in a chair for acupuncture and then the doctor asked me to get up and walk around. I didn’t even know she had already put the needles in!I was afraid to get up because it hurt so much to stand. But I stood up and it was not nearly so bad.

"At least 60% gone! I couldn’t believe it because it happened right away. She had me sit down again and put more needles in. I didn’t even feel those either. Then she had me walk around the room. Now stiffness was my only complaint. The pain was gone. This took about 5 minutes. I am coming back here with any other problems."

   — Jack S.

"I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was so low in energy that I could barely go to work. I tried every type of treatment, diet, doctor, exercise program with no success.

"The first thing she said shocked me. She said, “I am not going to treat the fibromyalgia, I am only going to treat you.” I took lots of herbs and went almost every day of the week for three weeks.

"If I tell you that after 3 weeks I was 75% better you wouldn’t believe how much I suffered the last 6 years.

"I thank Dr. Miller for giving me my life back."

   — Janice P.

"One-and-a-half years ago I was in an auto accident where my car was hit by an 18 wheeler truck on the freeway, causing a head injury, vertigo and balance disorders. During times of stress I tend to lose my balance easily, often causing me to fall. On July 25, 1994, I again lost my balance and fell in my living room, re-injuring my head and hurting my right elbow on the furniture.

"I tried to ignore the pain in my elbow for several weeks but there was no improvement. The pain seemed to get worse over time. At that point I went to the chiropractor to see if he could adjust my arm. He tried, but was unsuccessful in ridding me of the pain. A couple of weeks later I went to my physician, who recommended anti-inflammatory drugs, which after seven days made no difference. I canned the doctor and he ordered a different anti-inflammatory drug, but, again, I had no luck or change after several days. At that point my doctor recommended I see a neurologist because he was concerned that there may be some nerve damage. When I went to the neurologist, he told me that the pain in my arm was an injury to the tendon. I was prescribed another anti-inflammatory drug and given physical therapy, which I went to for about four weeks with slight improvement.

"By now, several months had passed since the fall and the improvement in my arm was minimal. In frustration, I went to see Dr. Miller, who I did acupuncture to relieve the pain. After the first visit there was a significant improvement. I for the first time since the injury I was able to lift a dish, soda can and a glass without dropping it. After three more visits, I was almost completely back to normal with very little pain.

I am thankful for Dr. Miller’s acupuncture talent, skills and ability to quickly bring relief where others had failed."

   — Leslie Z.

"I like Pamela Miller as a doctor she was very professional and said all the right stuff to make me feel totally at ease. She also wanted to hear what I had to say. I went to her for painful PMS and hormones out of whack. I had a quick recovery from PMS and I want to be a regular because she can do wonders with hormones and I don’t want to get hot flashes in menopause. She says they are totally avoidable."

   — Lydia D.


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