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Cupping by Pamela Miller, licensed acupuncturist, described.Cupping Explained

Cupping provides deep tissue work along the spine.

A vacuum effect is created drawing the skin up into the cup. This results is relaxation of the muscles surrounding the spine, increased blood circulation, removal of toxins and dead blood, acupressure point stimulation, increased lymph circulation and reduced inflammation. Cupping the upper back is said to open the chest, offering relief to lung conditions such as cough and asthma.

There is a concentrated network of fine capillaries close to the surface of the skin. Yet in the deeper tissues (between muscle and the bone) there is no concentration of capillaries.

If you have deep bruising or chronic muscle tension the blood needs to be brought up to the surface in order to be reabsorbed.

“Never been the same after an accident” can be a result of bruised occult blood surrounding in the tissues and impairing vital circulation of nutrients and detoxification necessary for healthy tissue.

As a result of bringing the old dead blood to the surface, it may leave marks similar to a bruise and may look like you had a run in with an octopus. They usually disappear within a few days.

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