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Chinese herbal medicine--Pamel Miller, licensed acupuncturist.Chinese Herbal Medicine Explained

A sophisticated system

I love the medical system of prescribing and choosing herbs used in Chinese Herbal Formulas. It is quite sophisticated and, since it has been around since 200 BCE, very well tested over time.

Prescriptions are based on the condition of the patient, as well as on the nature of the disease. Is the patient deficient or excess? In modern times, we find almost every patient both deficient and excess. For example; a constipated patient who also has a dry cough. Constipation can be excess in the Large Intestine, dryness in the Lung is deficient. You maybe given more than one formula to take or if we do special mix, a formula that contains more than one formula.

Each herb in an herb formula has been analyzed according to one or more taste properties (sweet, slightly sour, sour, bitter, bland).

Each herb in an herb formula has been analyzed according to one of seven different possible temperatures (very cold, cold, slightly cold, neutral, warm, hot, very hot)

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