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Ear acupuncture by Pamela Miller, L.Ac.Auricular Medicine Explained

Auricular Diagnosis is called the Chinese MRI

Auricular medicine is a branch of acupuncture that focuses on points on the ear. It consists of both diagnosis and treatment. The accuracy of diagnosis is highly valued by physicians. Certain conditions are able to be detected with Auricular Medicine that are not apparent with other methods.

The therapy can be performed without needles, however in some cases we also use needles to achieve more rapid results. Over 100 points on the ear are scanned with the Auricular Diagnostic Machine. The devise is used to pinpoint the exact location of the auricular points and provides objective findings. The intensity of a condition can also detected by the device. Visual inspection of the ear and palpation are also used to detect the conditions of the organs, spine, and emotional state.

Because of the proximity to the brain, results area often quite remarkable. Often seeds are placed on or behind the ear and are held in place discretely with a small adhesive bandage. They remain for several days, a week or longer allowing for longer and continuous treatment. This is excellent therapy for chronic conditions. Children are also treated with this therapy. There are over 400 points on the ear. Auricular diagnosis when performed by a properly trained physician is often referred to as the “Chinese MRI.”

I have had the supreme good fortune to learn directly from the renown surgeon and specialist in Auricular Medicine, Dr. Li Chun Huang, who discovered over 200 additional points on the ear and has had 45 years of research in the field of Auricular Medicine.

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