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Telomeres -- The Science of Acupuncture. by Pamela Miller, L.Ac.Acupuncture Protects Telomeres
 — A Key to Health

Reducing the damaging effect of stress and aging on cells.

Telomeres are shorter in the elderly and in persons suffering chronic stress. A new UCLA study suggests cortisol is the culprit behind premature aging of the immune system in stressed-out people.

Telemeres are located on the tips of chromosomes and protect chromosomes from deterioration.

Acupuncture is found to make the enzyme "telomerase" more abundant. Telomerase repairs and increase the length of telomeres. This is important to neutralize the damaging effects of stress, chronic illness, and aging. Increasing telomere length promotes longevity and protects DNA from breaking down.

Every cell contains a tiny clock called a telomere, which shortens each time the cell divides. Short telomeres are linked to a range of human diseases, including HIV, osteoporosis, heart disease and aging. Previous studies show that an enzyme within the cell, called telomerase, keeps immune cells young by preserving their telomere length and ability to continue dividing.

UCLA scientists found that the stress hormone cortisol suppresses immune cells' ability to activate their telomerase. This may explain why the cells of persons under chronic stress have shorter telomeres.

Stress makes people more susceptible to illness. Regular acupuncture treatments are excellent in helping to prevent damage to the immune systems of persons who are under long-term stress, such as caregivers to chronically ill family members, as well as astronauts, soldiers, air traffic controllers and people who drive long daily commutes.

When the body is under stress, it boosts production of cortisol to support a "fight or flight" response. If the hormone remains elevated in the bloodstream for long periods of time, though, it wears down the immune system. Enhancing telomerase levels through acupuncture helps the immune system ward off cortisol's effect.

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