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Pamela Miller, L.Ac., M.S., Dipl.Ac., D.Hom.

Pamela Miller has been practicing acupuncture and Oriental medicine since 1989. She completed her initial training at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and has continued to study with such Masters as Li Huang Wang, Miki Shima, Jimmy Wei Yen Chang, Master Tan, and others.  She has more than 25 years of clinical experience, providing personalized treatment for a variety of acute and complex conditions with acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, homeopathy, and nutritional counseling.

A former examiner for the State of California Acupuncture Board, she also has Certification as a Diplomate in Homeopathy (D.Hom.), awarded by the College of Homeopathy in 1991. Pamela has a way of making patients feel relaxed and comfortable, while skillfully finding solutions to both physical and emotional challenges.

Our Approach

Communication is valuable to Pamela and a benefit for patients, who have the ability to communicate directly via email and cell phone.

Because of the preventive focus of her practice, she is able to diagnose and treat early forms of disease in some patients. She uses research-tested strategies in her cancer prevention program, customizing detox programs to help minimize detrimental influences from the environment and the cumulative buildup of prescribed drugs.

Diagnosis and treatment programs are based on a careful evaluation of the individual constitution, detailed history, current symptoms, and examination. The acupuncture examination includes pulse taking, auricular examination, voice and visual inspection, pressure point sensitivity, and Japanese Fukushin palpation methods. She often combines more than one mode to achieve the most thorough and long-lasting results. A special six-session PTSD protocol has been shown to be effective for veterans and others. She has seen remarkable recoveries, even with the most difficult conditions.

The focus of treatment is on eliminating the symptoms while also eliminating the root cause, and thereby strengthening the health of the individual as a whole and producing positive objectively measurable results. Following the Hippocratic Oath, treatments and herbs are rendered without harmful side effects, liver and kidney damage, or the toxic drug residue that often accompanies pharmaceuticals.

Pamela has successfully treated thousands of patients and has established herself as a leader and innovator in the field of complementary medicine. Most patients feel genuine relief within two minutes of acupuncture. Many patients tell us they have felt relief they have not felt, even if they’ve tried acupuncture before.


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